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My name is Brandie Peters, I am an internet entrepreneur, social media enthusiast and self-proclaimed “marketing anarchist” – For over 6 years now I have been happily self-employed online, selling my services as a content writer and strategist. In 2016 I founded my business BP Creative Marketing Strategies where I consult and develop marketing strategies for passion-led businesses.

From Invisible to Unstoppable is my 100% Patreon funded online community, where I supply resources and information to help to aspiring online entrepreneurs successfully sell their services and hack the 9 to 5! Check Me Out

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39 The Benefits of Blogging To Promote Your Business

Hey, guys, so I have noticed a lot of people dropping off of the #I2u Blog Challenge - so today I want to write a refresher on the long term benefits of blogging in order to promote your business. On the surface there are some obvious,...

38 Blog Writing 10 Questions To Ask Before You Post

How to Write Blogs That Actually Do What You Need Em' To! Alright, beautiful humans, we are well into the #i2u Ultimate Blog Writing Challenge and I feel that a lot of people are pulling back and dropping off around the 3rd or 4th blog. Heck, I owe you a...

37 Using The Blog Writing Template – Tip of The Day

Alright you guys, so I am not sure if you saw it but, along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge I also dropped this little 👉  "Introduction to Blogging Guide" If you snatch that up ( no Opt-In ) it will break down some of the basics of blogging...

36 So You Have A Great Blog Post… Now What? – Tip of The Day

Alright, so this one goes out to all of you cool #i2u members who are just zipping through your Ultimate Blog Challenge Posts. - I've mentioned this before. Blog writing itself is just the first step to visibility and content production. CONTENT NETWORKING is really...

The Ultimate Blogging Challenge

Do you have a blog?

Are you ready to start using it to make yourself ( and your business more visible online? )

Why not start by following the #i2u ultimate blogging challenge. Plus learn how to maxmise the visibiliy of your content, drive traffic to your website and getting started optimizing your content for the search engines.

Facebook Daily


Are you ready to go from Invisible to Unstoppable on Facebook?

This #i2u challenge has been specially designed to help aspiring online entrepreneurs optimize their Facebook profile, post better content and start growing their Facebook audience.

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Facebook Live


Are you ready to go from Invisible to Unstoppable with Facebook Live?

This #i2u challenge is meant to help aspiring online entreprenuers start “getting visible” using Facebook Live. Improve your Facebook Live casts and start getting the attention that you deserve.

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Facebook BIZ PAGE


Are you ready to take your Facebook Business Page to the next level?

Getting reach for your Facebook Business Page is no easy task! In this #i2u challenge learn how to increase the reach of your Facebook Page content using both paid and organic content network strategies.

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