1. The algorithm is designed to show people the content that they are most likely wanting to see!

2. It shows people posts based on their previous interactions.

3. The different engagements also impact how FB treats and prioritizes a post: Likes, Comments, Shares, “Reactions”, Link Clicks,

4. The BEST WAY to get reach on posts is to get engagement! As more people engage the % of reach that post gets increases.

5. These basics rules of the algorithm apply to: Personal Profiles, Groups and Biz Pages

BONUS: Biz pages are limited in reach right off the bat, with organic reach being only 2-3% of your following. IF you aren’t in FB Jail for using bad marketing tactics and keywords like “sell” and “buy”

Facebook’s rule: if it is an ad make it an ad. They don’t want to advertise for you for free!


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