What is content dumping? 

Content dumping is when you SHOW UP once a day PLOP your own “content” up on the web and then take off without engaging with anyone else’s content.

The problem with “content dumping” as a marketing strategy is that it becomes very QUICKLY obvious that you are only there to marketing.

In fact, both Facebook and Instagram “sanction reach” on users who – CONTENT DUMP – their posts are even more limited in reach and flagged as spam.

What to do instead.
 Interact with MORE content than you post

 Dedicate a certain amount of SM time to engaging with your audience

 If you have no engagement to interact with consider this a sign of “low reach” and poor response. Re-evaluate your content strategy

 Practice “Social Listening” make sure that you respond to followers of you or your business who have tagged/ mentioned you.

 AND if have your own hashtag make sure you promote it and check it, interact promptly with people who are essential
“advertising” for you. Give them LOVE plenty of love. 
If you are “Content Dumping” due to lack of time – consider these points:

 Tough Love: should you be on social if you do not have time to participate in the social aspect? Your people deserve better.

 Is there a way to encourage your “audience” to produce content for you and integrate their content into your marketing to save you time with “creation” – FAN-GENERATED content is, after all, the best type of content.

 Where in your day can you “find more time” for interaction and engagement if you are honest with yourself? ( How much TV do you watch at the end of the day? or is there an employee who is skilled at social interaction that you could put to work? )

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