Question: Does it matters what time I post on Facebook?

 Short response: No. Because FB isn’t a platform that users sit on all day all the time! The time of day you post is actually irrelevant. What matters is where you show up “in order” on the person’s timeline feed WHEN they check their Facebook.

 Long response: The time you post actually REALLY does not matter on content “besides live videos” and honestly, live videos should be evergreen because MOST of your views will come from replays.

Besides “live” – all other posts may appear at any time during the day on someone’s timeline based on the amount of ENGAGEMENT THAT THE POST IS GETTING.

Also keep in mind that posts that have comments happening “in real time” will be prioritized when new people come onto FB because it says to the algorithm, that there is a conversation happening that the user may be interested in.

UNDERSTANDING that FB’s algorithm customizes each person’s feed in the order or “what they think they most likely want to see” is very important when you think about how “real people” are using FB –

To be very successful at connecting with people on FB – you want to make sure you have a back and forth conversational relationship with them – so that algorithm knows to prioritize your posts to that person.

This is where my Facebook Flirting Technique ( link in comments ) can be very handy dandy.

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