Facebook Ads NOT working? 5 Things to Look At When Creating A FB Ad… ( Common Mistakes )

#1 Do you know what the adis supposed to be doing?   

You CANNOT measure the success of a FB Ad without a clear converting action. Use the tools in the FB Ad manager to decide what your FB Ad is supposed to help you do within the context of your overall marketing campaign.

 Drive traffic to your website
 Collect leads for your business
 Grab emails for your opt-in
 Grow your FB page!

#2 You aren’t using an intuitive target – 

Most people choose FB Ad Targets that don’t actually make sense with their objective.

For instance, a real estate agent may target people who live “in their location” who “like real estate” – but they don’t REALIZE that people who are just “homeowners” probably wouldn’t indicate an interest in Real Estate to Facebook.

Instead, they want to use intuitive targets that “confirm” the target groups “age” “interests” and “location” – to get to people who are LIKELY to need Real Estate services.

#3 You are just creating “ads” for “ads” sake 

I see this A LOT … just a generic ad promoting a link to a business website with a CTA like “call now” – and the service is something like a plumbing business… or a local mechanic.

It is CLEAR that they are just “playing” with the FB Ads feature because they aren’t promoting anything – of value –

This is wrong –
What you want to do is put ads on

– Content with “value” as perceived by your target demographic.
– Offer something that entices the person on the receiving end to actually “click” the link

Examples: Freebies, Special Offers, High Quality “Useful” Blog Posts…

Don’t waste your money. Make sure that your AD is actually for something.

#4 You aren’t doing the math / your ad spend is too low –  

Good Facebook Ads SHOULD convert at a certain percentage – and that percentage should lead to an increase in “sales” or at the very least visibility –

Most people are still “dabbling” and tiptoeing around spending any actual money on Facebook Ads.

However – you need to play big to win big and your ads should pay for themselves in increased business ( this is why you want clear “sales funnels” )

$200 spent on Facebook Ads to sell a $1000 dollar item.

If that $1000 item sells just twice you’ve made 10Xs what you spent on ads. Hence, why you need to spend the $200 !!! ( ol’ spend money to make money )

Cheaper items: like say a $15 dollar item you need to optimize your ad to sell it multiple times. $150 dollars will mean you need to sell “10” just to break even on your ad spend.

Likely, you will need to spend way more than $150 to make a large profit on an affordable $15 dollar…
Do the math.
Does your ad spend make sense with a “reasonable” conversion rate?

#5 Your AD is coming out of context! 

The most common problem “I SEE” is that people advertising on FB ( and Instagram even ) create ads for a target group and have low results because the Ad is super specific and requires the audience to understand the business first – but they don’t because they have never heard of you before!

Hence, “it is out of context” –

Most people will just be like “woah why is this random thing on my timeline???…” unless the offer is UBER enticing – and you’ve got a spot on targeting. NOTE THAT THIS IS RARE.

Target new demographics/audiences first with an enticing piece of “storytelling” content
( a video, blog or article ) that tells them ABOUT your brand – and your mission. –> NO SALES <— just “content” to be enjoyed.

Include a pixel on that content so that you can then “RETARGET” all of the visitors to the “story” page in a 2nd add – and catch them while they are filled with the “warm fuzzies” about our brand.

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