5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating FB Ads

1. Set a goal “what do you want to happen?”

 One goal per ad!

2. Ask the question “what does the person seeing this ad need to know?”

 If the ad is an “introduction” to you or your product design it differently than a post that is going to your fans/clients/ or past audience…

3. “Would I want to see this?”

Yup, make sure when coming up with your ad you ask yourself if it would be something you would want to see on YOUR OWN FB feed. “If it feels icky, it is icky”

4. “Does this offer value or am I just self-promoting?”

THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FB ads offer something of value “freebies” or content … they aren’t selly –

5. “Is this likely to convert?”

 Using your “goal” as the conversion measurement point – critically consider the likelihood of what you want to happen actually happening if you spend the money to put this “ad” out into the FB world.

Also ask: “is my objective clear?” … because if the person seeing the ad doesn’t know what YOU WANT THEM TO DO… they -100% will just scroll past.

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