Great questions from Yathiraj Agarwal – Are boosts a waste of money? And what do I mean when I say “if it is an ad make it an ad” –
1. Boosts are NOT a waste of money IF you have quality content to promote. In fact, Boosts are THE BOMB if you know to use them.

Think of a boost as rocket fuel – if you have a post that is doing well “organically” throw some boost on it and watch it take off. 

Boost your BEST POSTS to target groups who you know will like your content if they just saw it – and get yourself in front of brand new people.

Boosts are ONLY a waste of money ( IMO ) if the content that is boosting is crap. ( Trust me, you CAN pay Facebook to put anything in front of anyone … but if the post is “garbage” they’ll just ignore it and you’ll feel like you wasted your bucks )

2. “If it is an ad make it an ad” I what I say when I coach people on Facebook advertising.

You DO KNOW when you are selling, don’t you? Anything promoting an offer, promotion, event, or product is an “ad” – go into ads manager and make it an ad, don’t try to slide it by as a post – and don’t “boost it”

Think of it this way – if it isn’t “content” but is meant to lead to an immediate transaction where you make money, it is an “ad” – NOT too tricky right?

There is nothing WRONG with making ads when you have something awesome to sell – but know how and where to sell it on Facebook.

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