Q. How can you make money online without joining an MLM

Plain and simple ways to make money online that do not require you to recruit your friends!

You asked. I responded.
Here is the breakdown of options, tomorrow I will do a live video with the specifics on each and share what I have done to make money.

1. Create digital products and services
– ebooks, e-courses etc.

2. Can you write? Copywriting and content writing.
– you’ll want to study up your SEO Neil Patel is an amazing resource for this, get on his email list!

3. Do you know your way around social media, WordPress and other basic aspects of online marketing…
– VA work is usually easy to come by

4. Affiliate marketing – if you have a blog or a strong social media presence -sign up to be an affiliate and make money back for promoting the everyday products that you use.
– to take this seriously you will like need to start a blog ( and drive REAL traffic to it )

5. Sponsored / Influencer work – do you have large the social media presence that doesn’t bring in any money for you?
– join an influencer agency ( you need over 10K on Instagram and substantial engagement on FB ) OR negotiate your own relationships with businesses who you think your audience would like
– No, you cannot do this one until you have built up your online presence. And you also want to have a niche’ audience who will actually buy. DON’T YOU DARE buy followers for this.

6. Upwork. Freelancer.com. Peopleperhour. Fiver.com

7. Online E-commerce / Retail
Purchase inventory from wholesalers and retail it online in your own simple online store –

You can also become a sub-seller for Amazon. Where they hold the inventory for you and you just sell and promote it

8. Crowdfund
I’ll throw this in there because of many of you “who said you would” still haven’t pledged.

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way content creators to be compensated for the work that they put in.
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