The 5 Things You’ll Need Before You Can Start Making Moolah- on The Internet –

Okay, this post was inspired by all of you lovely people who have been asking about this whole “non-mlm” way of making money online.

I’ll start with a quick story:
In 2011 I landed my first freelance content writing gig on a website called Elance ( now Upwork ) – It was 2000 words of keyword optimized content on Fresh Water Fish Tanks

I landed this job
 without knowing a THING about fish tanks
 without knowing a THING about S.E.O

I used my college literature class essays as my writing samples.

In 2012 I started taking online work “seriously” I had just finished film school and I was looking for specifically for script writing jobs.

The work I found was an SEO project that included “explainer video scripts for Youtube”
once again knowing little about SEO.

The client liked my writing style and HIRED ME to write SEO website copy and commercial blogs for their clients.
They even put me through my Google Adwords certification and other online training programs.

Eventually ( after 3 years ) with this client I became their social media consultant for the clients BECAUSE I was the only person on the team who had an interest in social media and knew my way around.

That’s when I got very invested in learning social media marketing and studying algorithms, specifically with Facebook.

The reason I share this story with you is that what you need to make money online is not what you think!
– I didn’t have a “real” website, just my personal blog.
– I didn’t have a business social media, i networked myself on social media and talked about what i did.

Over the last … nearly 6 years now – I have worked with 100’s of people. Written millions of words. And brought in what would be considered an average / to above average income.

When I became a coach / consultant.
It was because I wanted to teach what I learned over this time and start a different leg of my career go from content writer to content strategist…

So, based on my own experiences HERE is what I truly believe you need to make $$ online.

 A Marketable Interest
In my case, I liked writing and I was good at it + there is a huge demand for it.

 A Portfolio
Everyone is going to want samples of what you can do. So before you can sell yourself you’ll need to put together some samples. If you have never worked in that area before “make them up” – don’t lie, but write some articles, create some websites, build up a few social media accounts.

 Genuine Ambition
…. you say you want to make money… but can you handle applying for 100 jobs and landing 1? Maybe landing 0 and starting again the next day. Can you say no, when your friends want to hang out? Resist binge watching that show on Netflix that you love until the work is done.

 Resources / Willingness to Learn
NOTHING you were taught in school, college or university is applicable here. Nope. Why the way things are done online changes so fast that if you have a 3-year degree in communications/marketing/ web design. You only have a vague understanding of how these things work.

I have found ANY online job requires you to stay on top of your industry and learning constantly.

People hire people they like. That’s what it comes down to. Landing any type of work online ( or finding customers ) is about being distinct and memorable. Especially if you are bidding or competing for work. If you are too scared to show yourself off a bit on the interweb, well then… Good Luck.

Personableness – goes a long way in this “internet economy” trust me on that!

Okay –
So these things probably weren’t what you expected were they! Who is ready to rock this?

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