My top 6 Tricks to Getting Hired Online When Pitching Yourself For A Project

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Today, I am going through

 ” 6 Tricks I Use To Get Hired Online, When The Job is Competitive ”

Very often online projects will be “bid” or “pitch” opportunities.

Watch out for the wording as, what I have found anyways if they say bid on the job – they are more concerned with the budget – and when they say “pitch” they are more concerned with the creative.

I bring this up BECAUSE

Bid – offer a reasonable / lower price than other people bidding and you’ll likely be a good choice candidate
Pitch – write an original concept / explain how you would tackle the project and you’ll stand out.

That said whether the project is a bid or a pitch project here is what you need to do to land it.

 1. In your cover letter or response, indicate that you have read the entire job posting by repeating it back to the person in your own words.

” I understand that you are looking for a content writer with tons of personality ”

 2. Make sure that you identify the problem that they are having ( if you can ) and then position your pitch as YOU as the solution

” You want the content to be keyword optimized but also highly engaging to read – this is something that I have experience doing. ”

 3. Offer examples and past clients for references!

“I will gladly provide you with my writing portfolio with similar examples so that you can see if I would be a good fit, I can also provide references of previous clients.”

 4. Explain why you enjoy working on this type of project!

” I would be excited to work on your website launch because I love the challenge of writing creative copy that captures the heart of a brand ”

 5. Paint the vision

“If you choose me, I would work diligently to finish this project by the deadline, and the copy I delivered would be one of a kind, full of personality, fully edited and SEO optimized.”

 6. Invite them to connect with you!

“Take a peek at my Facebook and Twitter if you want to see what I am all about! Also, feel free to message me directly if you have any questions.”


The more specific you are in a “pitch” about how you would tackle the project – depending on how much they tell you about it in the job posting THE BETTER you chances are.

Why – because they’ll want your brain!

Hope this helps!
These tips apply to web design, social media marketing, graphic design, copywriting and any other creative online work.

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