“If you want attention give attention” 

Is very quickly becoming one of my most shared philosophies.

Everyone wants to know the “growth hack” to find a bunch of new people on Facebook –
they appear to be under the assumption that one day you post something brilliant and people climb out of the woodwork and start following you – that’s how you go viral and blow up.

I am going to tell you today that NO. NO that is not how it happens at all!!!

There are a few things that you NEED TO BE doing if you are trying to grow your platforms.

 Be visible “engage” in public places ( also make your profile public )
 Put yourself in front of new people EVERY DAY – your audience needs to consist of more than just your friends, family and the people you used to know in high school.
 Don’t be afraid of that friend request button. Anytime you have a meaningful interaction – EXCHANGE requests
 Post “VALUE” content in your status. Nobody cares what you had for lunch. Post things that are thoughtful and have substance.
 INTERACT on more content that you post yourself!

Also if you haven’t done so already please take the time to watch the FB Flirting Technique video. I PROMISE if you take this strategy and run with it. YOU WILL see a huge difference.


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