Why you should be interacting with more content than you are posting!!!

You show up on FB a few times a day to update your status.
You scroll through the statuses your friends have put up – but don’t say anything –
Then you sit there wondering “now what?”

… You go update your biz page… maybe ( what’s the point – you know it won’t get any reach???)
…. You lurk in a few groups maybe –

You realized that you didn’t get much engagement on your first status…
So you post something else –
Maybe they’ll bite on that?
… Rinse, repeat, that’s your FB life!

……  ……..
Put your hand up if this is you…
WANTING engagement because you know
Engagement = Visibility
and not getting it…

You may even feel as if “FB is being mean to you”
because nobody sees your posts –

and I might be the first to tell you this:
They aren’t seeing your posts. –

… Algorithm talk

The algorithm determines what to show people based on their previous engagements.
It knows what you are most likely going to engage with based on your previous behavior.
It also determines who to show your posts to, based on their previous engagements WITH YOU.

For this reason “lurking” on Facebook
And “content dumping” ARE the reason why you don’t get the engagement that you want.

Good NEWS you can turn it around FAST

 adopt an engagement “trade” philosophy – for every like you get gives likes for comments give comments – train yourself to ENGAGE more.

 take your Facebook Flirt’n seriously –
here’s the original video for review/ if you are new 


What is the time investment?

– Well, I won’t lie for authentic engagement like this you need to put in time but I have testimonies that say doing this actually doesn’t take more time out of the day for social media because instead of trying to “find something that works” – you basically, spend time on this and these back and forth engagements pay off and multiple over time.

You’ll have more visibility and more interaction.

Of course, WITH THIS you still need to put your business cap on and figure out how to turn this new interest into “sales” –

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