How to sell on social media!

 Don’t copy and paste a DM ( private message ) to people who you just met
 Do leave 15-20 minute time slots open in your week to book in “meet and greets” or introductions that are focused on relationship building.

 Post marketing on your personal social media flat out selling to your audience
 Post content on your social media daily that is relevant to what you do / showcases your knowledge and passion.

 Do not bombard your “friends list” with info about your business and “opportunities” to buy from you
 Participate in networking opportunities whenever possible – make it a goal to be in front of new people every day!

 Don’t talk to prospective clients without including a next step so that they can hire or buy from you
 Create a system where you “lead the client in the process of buying from you” make it easy for them to say yes!

 Don’t produce content and give value till the cows come home without a converting action in mind.
 Do follow up with people who show clear interest in hiring you

 Never miss an opportunity to offer value!
 Do invest yourself in “arriving to serve not to sell” TRUST that if you offer value/ demonstrate knowledge and SHOW UP opportunities will arise.

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