GUESS WHAT: One million followers does not equal one million dollars –

First of all – yes, there are ways to growth hack your accounts and get your platform numbers up. Just last night I did an Instagram video explaining exactly what you need to do to get your IG into the thousands, and if you want to do that I really suggest you check it out.

THAT SAID. I cannot emphasize enough how 1 mill followers does not equal 1 million dollars and simply having big numbers does not mean you have been successful at social media marketing!!!!

Instead. Here is where you should focus your energy if you have a service that you are trying to sell/grow.

 Meaningful interactions pay off BIG in the end. Don’t stray away from having substance and offering value – aspire to connect on personal and professional levels with people who encounter online.

 Mindfulness Online – OMG this changes everything instead of just click, click, click, follow, follow, follow, trying “reading” and “responding” to other people’s posts with slow and thoughtful comments.
Yes, it takes time –
But if you do this with people every day – and with new people often – that’s how you actually build an audience.
…. if your posts sound like it could have been posted by a generic bot, you are doing this wrong.

 Quality over quantity: YOU DO NOT need to be everybody’s everything.
Instead. Aspire to be somebody’s something.

Focus on building platforms and profiles populated with people who share your interests and be niche-focused.

 Personality!!!!!! – Last thing,
Personality. Get some.
Nobody connects with businesses online. People connect with people. Be personable and human – focus on finding your true voice.
Everything they ever told you about “prufushionalism” in networking – forget it. Social media is primarily about entertainment and fun with learning speckled in.

Hope this helps!
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