Not sure what to do? DO SOMETHING!

Alright so the most common thing I hear is ” I don’t know what to do on social media or how to be visible so I don’t do anything”

NOT DOING ANYTHING is the “worst” thing that you can do – No seriously. Nothing – is nothing. Something is something. Letting days go by and NOT posting, not creating, not moving forward is wasted time.

Here’s what I want you to know.

 NOBODY is perfect out the gate – you find your voice and style BY DOING – so if you “do” a little each day you are practicing and moving towards being good at it.

 THERE ARE NO RULES – some people wait around until they have a concrete understanding of how to be a person ( or as a biz ) on social media. They spend all their time learning and ZERO time implementing –
GUESS WHAT – nobody is policing it saying this is right and this is wrong. Much of it is very experimental so BE experimental! When you find something that is working DO MORE OF THAT. – I promise most people are just as confused as you are.

 KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN – of course, social media for social media’s sake / content for content’s sake can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore have an idea of what you want to happen because of your content and social media efforts. HAVE A GOAL in mind.

~ a greater goal will also help you avoid feeling self-conscious.

 Don’t forget qualities of VALUE CONTENT ARE
– Entertain
– Engage
– Inform

Ask yourself… does it do this?
If yes. You are good. Stop overthinking it.

 IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU – mhmm, take it from me – make your social media presence about serving OTHER PEOPLE and you’ll be a freak’n magnet.

That’s all you need to know.
Today’s tip comes with a challenge.

Use the hashtag #I2U ( invisible to unstoppable ) and introduce yourself to the world on your public profile. Say “hi” and what you are here for! Don’t worry i’ll go first!

Then click the #I2U hashtag and show some support and love for the other groupies to make their post more visible.

There are 300+ members so we should have some good engagement!

Let’s do this you guys! Who is in?

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