How to get the FB algorithm working in your favor! 

First of all if you are an algorithm NEWBIE please make sure that you read this post first:

I am just going to go through the list and offer some suggestions to help you “play ball”

 1. Frequency that you post

– use a “speckle” post strategy – posting content throughout the day at different times every day.
– don’t show up in the morning and “drop”
– if you do have a successful post that is getting “reactions” and comments/post another related post as that is happening and the same people will see that.

( … I’ve experimented with this quite a bit… timing is everything, because when people are engaging it also means that they are active and online )

 2. Interaction behaviour

This you cannot control because it is about what people in your network are doing now what you are doing.

However, if you can engage a “scroll and clicker” and get them to stop and comment OR grab the attention of a quick FB Checker – you’ll forever disrupt their behavior profile.

Do this by:
– Making the first sentence in your post “eye-catching” – write headlines and use emojis to stand out
– Provide useful and relevant information / get ppls attention by offering value
– Ask questions and drive conversation

3. Keywords… Mmmm yes

Knowing now that FB is bunching together content on similar topics to serve people’s indicated interests and give them a smorgasbord of what they want to binge on –
tells us that “NICHE-ing” your content is SMART.

On topic –
On point –
Tons of value –

Serve the people in your network who you want to engage.

 4. Switch it up

Lastly -because you’ve got so many marks to hit with FB to be visible it is wise to diversify your profile and post different types of content.

Different multi-media- Video, stories, status, links, lives, pictures, etc.

Different length of posts – short, long, medium size

A balance of biz, storytelling, and community focused.
– sometimes you post biz relevant
– sometimes about yourself and family
– and sometimes about your online community

You want to switch it up to appeal to the different content consumption styles of your audience.

Alright, folks –
This stuff is IMPORTANT even if you are yawning over there!
Drop a comment if you want to discuss!

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