25 – YES 25 Ways To Be Visible On Facebook 

Again, I dropped a pretty big information heavy doozy on my personal profile today

Today’s tip will be a second part’er to that and give you the REAL JUICE – to get your posts seen.
1. make your profile public NOW

2. use the search bar to find other public profiles w/ posts on topics that relate to you

3. leave thoughtful comments on the profiles of people who “you don’t know”

4. optimize your own profile content to be “on topic” to what you do/sell

5. edit your timeline “hide” anything that that is not relevant so that when new people creep you, it is clear in 1 scroll what you do

6. fill out your ENTIRE profile “about me”

7. check in when you visit other people’s biz pages! (check-ins notify your audience who also like that biz )

8. write reviews ( reviews also notify your audience who also like that page )

9. RULE: “Interact on more content than you post”

10. FB flirt like your life depends on it 

11. Use the tagging function to direct people where you want them to go and create hyperlinks.
Example: “@” brandie michelle peters creates Brandie Michelle Peters (btw that’s my public figure page, plz like )

12. To interact as your biz page BTW you need to tag your biz in the post “@” bpcreativemarketing creates BP Creative Marketing Strategies – and allows me to comment in that thread “as my biz page” – NEAT right?

13. Write “long” mini blog esque posts “with value” and SHARE into groups that are on topic and will allow it.

14. Share links to your own content as a response ( you can grab a link by right clicking on the “timestamp” and selecting copy url/ link address. Looks like this:

15. Comment and engage with content posts that are trending that relate to what you do – THE trending posts are very active and will expose you to MANY new people

16. “Search in groups” keywords that relate to what you do and join discussions –

17. WHENEVER you have a “meaningful” interaction send a friend request ( most people don’t do this )

18. INVITE people to like your page strategically AFTER you interact with them – so you are fresh on their mind.
( Do not invite your whole friend list )

19. On biz page click who has liked a post and INVITE them to like your post ( don’t forget to do this on your boosted posts also )

20. GO LIVE! – consistently.

21. TAG YOUR SHIT “locations” “people” “biz” “products” – tag it all, tags are searchable

22. When you LIKE something to write on the wall. When you FOLLOW something to write on the wall – When you connect with a new person say hi to them “all public” and visible to their network

23. – this applies: “If you want attention to give attention ”

24. Never SPAM – Never solicit. Never copy and paste.
“If you wouldn’t want to see it don’t post it”

25. Participate don’t lurk.

Also Bonus:
 have some personality
 drive conversation
 provide ACTUAL value
 understand that NOBODY comes on Facebook to be sold to
Okay –
Hands up in the comments who now feels ready to take on FB full force?

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