We NEED to talk about the reach. 

When it comes to FB Biz page reach is often weighted as a more important analytic than it actually is.

When you see the reach bar there on your page what you are seeing is the potential reach of your post- and how far it has actually gone.

There are two types of reach:
Organic – without paid promotion
Paid – with a budget

Posts that are high quality and engaging will get more organic reach from FB … where as, poor quality posts will have limited reach. You may be enticed to then “boost” that reach to show it to more people BUT, try to avoid that.

Instead, think of that boost function as rocket fuel. Only use it on posts with high-organic reach that are already doing well with the algorithm because that means that their quality is high. Noting also that boosts are different than ads. And as always:

“if it is an ad make it an ad”
pretty plain and simple.

Increasing reach 
It is important to know that when you initially post the potential reach is limited to a number of people who LIKE your page.

And that reach is limited by the algorithm by about 2%

Out of 100 people, 2 will see it.

FB helps you out by showing it to the 2 people MOST LIKELY to engage.

If they don’t then your reach is stopped.

Hence why so many of you are seeing posts with like with super low reach.

Organic reach can be increased by SHARING the post off the page and extending its potential reach.

An example of this is sharing it to your personal profile/timeline – because depending on how engaged your profile is you can increase the organic reach to the # of people who are on your friends’ list.

So it looks like this
page reach 100 likes
share to the personal page of 300 friends

potential reach is now 400

Now share to a group with 1000 people!

Potential reach is now 1400

However, even if the potential reach is high you still need to have interactions with the post to get it there.

Fighting for organic reach is itself a chore –
It takes A LOT of work.

And your post quality needs to be top notch.

Are you exhausted yet, guys?

I suppose what I want to clarify is that reach is a metric on FB that you may be giving too much weight.

Sure, FB reach looks good and feels good but – if you don’t have interaction it is a fat old number that says how many people could have interacted with your post… BUT probably didn’t.

Hence I say to measure the success of a post based on
this thing called meaningful engagement.

 What did you want to happen?
What happened?
 Was it a success?

Refine. Rinse. Repeat.
Let me know if you have questions!

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