A simple formula for doing social right!

If you haven’t done so today I suggest you read this post first about the importance of being strategic about how you approach social media for your biz: https://www.facebook.com/BrandieMichellePeters/posts/1918516911750363

— Merely being “on” social is not that impressive —

There I said it.
Creating a page “not rocket science”
Plopping a post up there that benefits nobody but “yourself” – not clever.
The truth is users of social media DO NOT follow brands and businesses all willy nilly – it is 2017.
They GET that if they follow you – then you advertise “at them” and being bombarded with more advertisement – yeah, well that’s the last thing anyone really wants.

When you hear this you may think what you need to do is overcomplicate your social media – … but that’s not really what I am saying. For a small/medium/ or solopreneur business, the best way to be good at social is to follow a very simple formula – that looks like this:

(A.) Step 1: Identify a clear purpose for your social media profile examples: nurture loyalty, connect with new people, share vital information, provide customer service support.

If you are limited in “time” then choose ONE – not many – but one – and make sure you do it well. If your time investment allowance for social increases choose another. But

(B.) Step 2: Hack it backwards: ask what is required to achieve this?
Example: Nurture loyalty = fan generated content
Connect with new people = visibility in new networks/online locations
Share vital information = publication and networking of informative content

As you can see there is A PROCESS to follow to achieve each objective.

(C.) Step 3: CONTENT DESIGN – in order to do this you’ll need content -so consider what the content is and how you’ll put it together – what is most effective that can be done with the budget you have.
… options may be: written statuses, long articles, videos, photos, graphics etc.

Consider content design in relation to (A.) objective –

(D.) Step 4. Come up with a delivery plan – MOST marketing on social requires a balance of paid & organic.
There are tricks to increase organic but if you are blatantly advertising – no excuse, you need a budget –

Importantly though – come up with a delivery plan that includes the “how” to get the content out there to achieve objective (A.) –

(E.) Step 5. MEASURE for success meter against objective A – the data and analytics combined with a measurable conversion SHOULD tell you if you have been successful or not.

However, you need to know what to measure for:
– Foot traffic
– Increase in opt-ins
– Revenue growth
– Visibility
– Engagement increase
… All examples of things that can happen because of social BUT you have to know what you are measuring for to know if you have been successful.

Woohoo! You did it.
Here is the simple formula –

(A.) + (B.) + (C.) X (D.) = (E.)
But maybe that is unnecessarily complex?
You tell me.  Thoughts in the comments!

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