“Put two seconds of energy in, you’ll get two seconds of interest back”

Hey guys, so this thought is hot off the big discussion about email marketing: https://www.facebook.com/BrandieMichellePeters/posts/1922326931369361

I think what we landed on is that email marketing is just ONE MORE WAY to serve your community – and offer value.

If you look at it as an offering that you provide to your audience – rather than a way to force your marketing message in front of people you’ll already be doing 10Xs better than the average email marketer.

Think of it is like this:

 Most people subscribe to many email lists just to claim special offers / “freebies”

 Every time they buy something at a store they are often asked to give up their email.

 Large data companies basically “farm” for emails to sell to marketers to solicit users with offers – like seriously nothing is sacred.

Knowing this
How the average person’s email inbox must look.
It is scary to think about.

I personally am afraid of my inbox.

One person said “they find it refreshing when they get a real email from a friend, this is almost as rare as receiving a letter”

Really quite interesting to think about.
Knowing that your email marketing is swimming in a sea of other unwanted emails. How are you going to set it apart?

 Be personable
 Offer value
 Don’t “sell”
 Actually, think about the person reading it.

This stuff should be straightforward – but so many of us are still struggling to figure this out.

If you do email marketing – take the time to do it well.
Make people smile when they open their inbox.

What do you guys think? 

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