10 MORE ways to build “REAL” relationships with your audience –

The first 10 tips are here: https://www.facebook.com/BrandieMichellePeters/posts/1923970754538312

1. Send personalized DMs to people ( don’t you dare copy and paste ) – acknowledge something specific about what they have on their profile or what they have posted to show you paid attention.

2. Give LOTS of compliments. ( Be specific when you compliment – say WHAT you are complimenting ) –

3. Interact genuinely with the things that they post. – Your comments shouldn’t sound like they were written by a bot.

4. Create short video responses to respond to comments – “put your face in front of their face.”

5. Share things that you find funny or interesting that don’t relate to business. Like a meme or a viral post.

6. Ask them questions about their life! – … basically, take the time to get to know them!

7. Chat with them in a casual fun way in the comments ( everyone likes a good back and forth )

8. Get to know what you audience members do for a living and recommend them to your friends and family when you can – make an effort to help them grow their business.

9. Have some fun! ( If you aren’t having fun, they aren’t having fun! )

10. “If you want attention give attention” – Take an interest in others – and they will take an interest in you.

Give it a shot! – watch your “followers lists” grow.
Who will be doing more of these things?

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