Cut the bullshit. Here are MY REAL “best practices” for social media marketing.

#1 – If you are a human be a human. 

So many people try to “pretend” that their business is bigger than it is or speak on the behalf of it as an “entity” –

This is not great because people don’t connect with brands they connect with people.
THEREFORE – be a person. Don’t arrive at your business. Arrive as yourself.

#2 Talk with people NOT AT people – 

The most common mistake that I see is that people “drop content” as an authority but not for the purpose of driving the discussion. They don’t engage back when people interact with them. YIKES X 100

For brands or businesses on social YOU WANT TO BE SOCIAL – take advantage of your “audience” let them do the heavy lifting. You, you just drive the conversation.

#3 “If you wouldn’t want to see it don’t post it” 

THIS APPLIES TO ADS. Yes, you can pay FB to put anything in front of anyone. But should you? No – save your money “invest in good content for your ads” – test them to see how people respond organically – then apply a budget.

If you put “AWFUL” self-promotional content in front of people – you are making their experience on social worse, not better – …. always consider how it will come across to someone who is just hanging out online.

#4 ” People don’t come on to social media to be advertised to ” 

Certainly, a key thing to understand.
99% of SM users find brand advertising on social “invasive.” The less you can seem like an advertiser – and the more that you behave like a participant THE BETTER.

#5 When in doubt: 

 Entertain, engage and inform.
Doesn’t matter how – just strive to achieve these three things in your content. If you focus on this your approach will be immediately better than most “marketers”

Oki dokes,
Thoughts and questions welcome in comments 

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