INSTAGRAM – You are probably doing it wrong –

Hey guys, so it has come to my understanding that most business owners on IG just “dump” posts once in awhile and that’s that.

Like they go through the effort of putting a picture up – but like with FB Biz Pages their IG Biz Account doesn’t get any reach.

First, to catch you up to speed – as of 2016 IG has an algorithm similar to FB. This means that engagement = visibility. The more engagement a user generates the more visibility they get.

So you can see how DUMPING IG posts won’t work.
You need to get some engagement happening.
Here is what you should do instead.

 COMMENT MORE – try leaving a comment on the most recent post of everyone who LIKES your post. And do it as soon as the like the post. This increases the likelihood that they will engage in a back and forth. This will increase the chances of your post showing up to them in the future.

 INTERACT ON MORE CONTENT THAN YOU POST – because IG is all about engagement these days there is no point in posting everything single day all the time. Instead, take the time to look up relevant hashtags and leave comments on the posts of your “target audience”
WHY? Well, what is the first thing you do when someone you don’t know comments on your posts. WE CHECK THEM OUT. Leaving comments will help you generate more traffic to your page. Then make sure you have a stunning profile that makes people want to click FOLLOW

 USE THE STORY FEATURES – mhmm, that new feature that makes FB behave like Snapchat is very handy. People who are active on there seem to be getting priority in the feed. Don’t ask why – Social Media Apps tend to favor their new features.

 ENGAGE BACK – last, make sure you engage back – when someone likes your post go like one of there. When they comment, leave one back. Frequent certain hashtags and leave lots of “likes” and comments. This will make you insanely visible.

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