Are you “stuck” in Facebook world? – Most of us are. We have bought into the notion that this is the place to be if you want to build your online business and spend all our time trying to get reach, interest and generate leads on the platform.

Now, if you have effectively generated leads through Facebook KUDOS to you – Facebook, is one of the trickiest platforms to get attention on so if you’ve found something that is working. Hurray. Be proud.

However 90% of the people I work with are using FB but NOT generating leads with FB. Yikes and yet the show up every day and “struggle” through FB – because they believe that FB is where it is at.

Now don’t get me wrong, FB is great. I have personally had success with FB and I am really happy about the community i’ve built here.

What I want to remind you guys of though is that the internet is not JUST FACEBOOK – there are other platforms, other people – and many are easier to get visibility with / on than Facebook is. Facebook you need to know is:
– highly competitive
– very saturated
– has a large userbase but a small daily active userbase
– and is very “bubbly” meaning people don’t get exposed to a lot of new content on it – but rather “more of the same.”

When you realize this about Facebook, especially if you are new to it – then you may be a bit struck. I mean what about all of the content saying that FB is the place to be. – Well, i’d argue FB is just “one” place to be –
this is something I am realizing myself in a big way as I also am setting out to diversify.

So now that we have talked about it, you may be wondering – where else do I go.
Well, you SHOULD be on Twitter and Instagram – the other two “old faithful” … Pinterest is also a solid bet for certain “niche’s” that suit it’s demographic ( women, 20-65 e-commerce + retail/visual industries/learning industries ) … if you have interesting things happening Snapchat is also “the place to be” … or so we’ve all heard by now.

BUT these aren’t the only ones either.

Google + – although you won’t get a lot of engagement, you will get “search priority” so reason alone to post regularly there.

LinkedIn – for professional relationship building / also dabble with the accompanying application Shapr for professional networking

Tumblr – why we aren’t all building tumblr blogs is beyond me – quick and easy – has same tools + functionality of FB. Younger demographic. Less saturated with online entrepreneurs / annoying “sales” content

Patreon – I am sold. The new Patreon App is amazeballs, even if you aren’t actively crowdfunding. Same functions as FB – even a “live” feature. Allows you to monetize your content –

We also have Anchor
Interesting enough to look into.

If you have the time to chat we have Slack

And you can publish content and network on Medium

As ALWAYS – I suggest cataloging all your content on a personal blog or website also –

Anyways – The purpose of this post is just to remind you all about the world outside of FB and the importance of keeping it mind!!! –

This doesn’t mean you abandon your hard work on THIS PLATFORM to jump to another – but instead, focus on producing solid pieces of content and then cross publishing onto other platforms, with a mini-funnel leading people to where you spend the most time.

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