How to Increase the Reach of Your Posts in A Group! 

Hey everyone so this really only applies to those of you running groups – but a lot of this is general info about the algorithm as well.

As always TYPE read when you get to the bottom!
 Groups are impacted by the algorithm in the same way as everything else. For this reason, you need to focus on “engagement” as much as possible to get organic reach.
Likes, comments, shares, etc.

 Ask for it – “comment on this post if..”
 Use questions
 Invite people to weigh in
 Just post AWESOME stuff people cannot resist commenting on

 FB Groups Need CONSTANT nurturing
Come up with a content plan to deliver high value, every day ( or every other day ) to your group. I do this with my daily tips –
… don’t get caught up with the “inspo” and “fluff” if you want people to visit your group JUST for the content you need to deliver. Seriously.

 Direct people to your group by tagging it “@” – group name – and frequently reference your group creating a link. This will drive a steady stream of people into your group indicating to the algorithm that there is quality content there.


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