1. – Write your story –

Nobody does anything for no reason. Take the time to write your story how you went from A to B – why did you choose this path and what is your mission. Get clear on this – and make sure that you tell it often – make it part of your brand narrative.

2. – Document the day to day operations –

Make it a habit of mentioning your business on social media and sharing what is going on. Invite people in by showing not just telling. Use videos, images and written content to welcome people into your world.

3. – Take em with you on your way up!

Share your vision. Where is your business going? Invite people to follow you and watch you achieve your “dream” – open up and share your goals, collect cheerleaders along the way. 

4. – Be a well-rounded character –

You aren’t JUST your business. If you want people to believe it you have to have some substance. Show other aspects of your personality – … and things that aren’t directly relevant but also interesting. Family, friends – ( if you feel comfortable ) can be part of your story. Things like your music taste, sports you play, a cause that you are passionate about also make you feel more real!

5. Have personality

Businesses who like to pretend to be perfect online come across as condescending. They talk down to people not with people and they don’t respond to engagement. We suggest that do the opposite of this. When interacting online “if you are a human be a human” – have personality, be personable!

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