Why didn’t my Facebook ad work? How come my Google ads don’t generate me leads? What is going on – I thought I did everything just right?

Does this sound like you?
Many online business owners who are doing their own ads and marketing – often make this common mistake:

They learn HOW to put ads up –
But they don’t learn WHAT to put their ads on –

Without diving into this TOO deep ( for today anyway ) I really want to help you sort this out. Because if you are giving money to FB and Google ( or any other platform ) month to month and you aren’t getting that ad budget back in new leads then there is seriously something wrong! You need to stop now – go back to the drawing board and look seriously at your content.

The two things that will immediately make your “content” better:

 Nobody comes online to be advertised to ( they merely tolerate advertising )
 Good targeting is about giving people something that they didn’t know they wanted, not forcing something in front of them just because you can.

What type of content should you be putting dollars behind?

The best ad campaigns don’t feel like ad campaigns, they are content pieces that happen to be connected to larger funnels.

With FB you’ll find videos, blog articles, funny pictures – that are LINKING to what is essentially an opt-in funnel ( for email collection ) or going directly to something to buy.

With Google you want to push “informative content” because 90% of the time when people are search keyword inquiries ( searches ) they aren’t looking for something to buy but doing research on a topic.

 BTW What you don’t want to do is content that you promote with paid advertising $$$ but leave it up to chance that you can capture the lead. You have to design the content that you are attaching to your ad for captures – or else the traffic of 100+ people you drove to your landing page was just for kicks and giggles.

 Start with the creative
 Consider your value offer “does this have value?”
 Remember: if you wouldn’t want to see it don’t post it ( or put ad dollars on it to show it to other people )

Creative is super important because
the visual is what will get their attention – the written is what will motivate them to “click” – the content itself will determine how they ultimately feel about you –

You want to deliver it as something THE AUDIENCE ( target ) would want to look at –

Not something that looks like it will only benefit you the business owner.

Alright –
Hope this enlightened a few of you.
Whose dabbling in FB ads or Google and needs help? 

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