This may be a bit of “back to the basics” for some of you, but i feel the need to go there since I am seeing people promoting their pages ( i guess pages are “cool” again )

Here’s why your page reach is so low:

1. FB does not show your posts to everyone if your page is active and in good graces, you can expect that they will initially show your post to 2% of your following.

2. The first people who they show your post to are the people MOST LIKELY to engage based on their past engagement with your content.

3. If they don’t bite reach is stopped ( this is why ) MOST posts won’t get a huge amount of reach because PEOPLE don’t interact that often with biz page posts #truestory

4. If your content is “advertising” so it has the words buy, sell, Free, etc. FB will determine that it is an AD and limit your reach even more

5. If your images or the posts that you are making are “deemed low quality” – for instance, have a large amount of text, FB will determine them to be low quality and Limit your reach.

6. FBs goal is to connect people with quality content that will keep them on FB not advertise for you – therefore, they don’t want to give you advertising space on your followers feeds unless you are paying for it as a sponsored post

7. If you don’t ever post on your page “it is inactive” and suddenly post, it is up to you to activate your audience and get engagement to increase reach.

8. Dead Pages where the admin only posts when they “want” something from their audience, have limited reach – you need to have an active page user base where people frequently engage with you for consistently high free organic reach( hope that makes sense ) see Dress Your Lashes Fashions & Accessories for a great example!

9. Links to content off of FB are also – sadly limited in reach – however, new policy has FB checking the quality of the link – if you have ads on your website or it is low quality/ a sales page you’ll be limited even more. “pay to promote that stuff”

10. Reach on FB page content is very competitive, if there is nothing unique or stand out about your content it will be limited simply for being bland – remember: at any given moment FB could show any user over 7000 different things. Feed Real Estate is hard to get from biz pages.

Alright, hope that helps. 
Let me know if you have questions. 

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