The Best DIY Website Options For Blogging

With the launch of the new blogging challenge, I want to talk about some of the free and affordable blogging options that are out there!

Have you been waiting to start a blog until you have the money to launch a website?

Stop that!

That’s like saying you’ll start running when you get better running shoes.

Everyone knows that you have to do START and develop a consistency before something becomes a habit.

This is why if you “think” you’d like to blog – I suggest you start now – give it a try before you go out and pay for an expensive website to blog on.

Additionally, the year is 2017 and there are more FREE and affordable blogging options.

Today, we’re going to go through the non-paid options for blogs that exist –


A personal favorite, WordPress is an amazing piece of software. You can get WordPress and load it into your own hosting. ( Hosting can be purchased for less than $200 a year ) – this will assure that your website is ad free.

If having other people’s ads running on your WordPress blog is something you are okay with and you literally want to start blogging today! allows you to launch a WordPress site without needing your own hosting. I’ve used this in the past and for a beginner level blogger it works just fine and is easy to swap your blog to a self-hosted WordPress in the future.


Blogger is another free – no hosting needed free to use blogging platform. It is owned by Google which, means that Blogger blogs typically do well with the search engine. ( Google likes to favor their own )

Although Blogger is more limiting in design options ( the layouts are pretty standard ) Blogger is a great solution for a new blog writer who just wants to focus on writing and is not too concerned with how their website looks.


Tumblr is an often overlooked social media platform that is essentially blog focused. It is has a younger user base so if your blog content will appeal to a younger demographic than it is a good place to be.

Tumblr is very versatile and has many options for multi-media content publication. However, there is no better way to describe Tumblr than “busy” – getting traffic on your blog on Tumblr will be competitive. It can work if you are just looking for a place to put your content.


Medium is a quickly emerging minimalistic blogging/article publishing platform – the design and look of the blogs are the same for every user. However, Medium has grown in popularity over the years and is a suitable place to write and publish content if you are writing in a more informative “academic” style.


Wix is a free website builder. You can use it to create a full website or a simple blog where you publish content.

Although setting up with Wix is free if you want any bells and whistles for your site you are going to need to update to a paid subscription. Wix is an excellent starting place for anyone who wants both a blog and a business website without having to pay for it.


Squarespace, in a nutshell, is the same as Wix. And is an alright option if you want a free website or blog to put your content on. For design options, you will have to pay a monthly subscription.


LinkedIn allows you to publish blogs and articles right on your profile.

Facebook Notes

Facebook has also improved their notes features to make it suitable for blogging, with a minimalistic feel similar to Medium.

My Personal Recommendation

As a strategist, I am often asked about the different free and affordable blogging platforms that are out there and which one I personally recommended.

I have loved WordPress since I was 14 years old and would be considered myself married to it.

These days I use WordPress, self-hosted on Godaddy ( I have a commercial hosting package for my business I pay $130 a year for ) – The theme I use is Divi Theme by Elegant Theme, that turns your WordPress into quick to use drag and drop designer ( no CSS needed ) that allows you to customize the look of your blog website and add almost any type of functionality that you can imagine.

What is your favorite free blogging platform? Share your thoughts in the #i2u Facebook Community!






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