You can Write Your Blog Posts Directly on Facebook Using Notes

Yesterday I shared some FREE blogging options for anyone who wants to start a blog and has been putting it off because they do not have a website.

Today, I want to show you how you can blog directly on Facebook with the upgraded notes feature.

It was in 2016 that Facebook revamped “notes” to make this their text publisher more like what you see on

Although not broadly used ( although it should be ) the Facebook Notes feature is a powerful little tool that can be used to create multi-media articles and blog postings directly on your personal profile, business page or group.

How to Get The Notes Feature On Your Facebook Page

Personal page:

Biz Page:

The Pros and Cons of Blogging Directly on Facebook

✔️ Easy setup [ see videos ]

✔️ Notes will be shared with your FB audience

✔️ Notes on biz page can be boosted

✔️ Favoured by FB because they do not take people off of Facebook

✔️ Can embed video, images, urls and other FB content with ease

✔️ Can share url to Notes on other social media platforms ( copy paste url )

✔️ No website needed

✔️ 100% searchable on FB

✔️ Attractive on mobile

❌ Limited design options – custom header and that’s about it

❌ FB could potentially take this feature away

❌ Not very popularly used ( currently )

❌ When sharing FB notes you have to bring people to your FB profile or page

❌ For visibility published notes on personal profile must be set to public

❌ Limited analytics – you get to know how many reads on personal / reach and link clicks on biz pages

❌ FB algorithm limits organic reach on biz page – ( but less so, than a link to content published off of FB )

⚠️ Limited organic SEO with Google and the other search engines, content is generally ONLY searchable within Facebook


I am sharing this a potential option for those who want to join in the blogging challenge and who do not yet have a website that they can publish content on.

If you are new to content writing than notes is a good starting point – you can always move your notes to a website later.

Because most people who start blogging give it up after awhile and the purpose of the challenge is to get people writing consistently, this is a great option for newbies.

Honestly, if the majority of your marketing is done through FB then there is nothing wrong with blogging directly on Facebook if it is the fastest way to reach your audience. Plus you can boost your blog content to your entire Facebook audience and targetted groups.

That said the biggest downside to Facebook published content is the lack of potential organic SEO. Keep this in mind if SEO on certain keywords is part of your visibility strategy.

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