These days blogs are a dime a dozen!

Anyone can start a blog – seriously, you can have one up and running in the next 10 minutes if you wanted to! Just follow either one of these tip posts: πŸ‘‡


Blog writing itself is actually pretty easy also – because, to be completely honest with you, there are NO RULES.
No blog police going around saying this is what makes for a good blog, this is what makes for a bad blog.
No monocled, critics going around and reviewing blogs giving them one to five stars, and ranking them on quality…

Nope – none of this exists in the blogging world. Your blog, if you decide to start one can be, EXACTLY what you wish it to be. Plain and simple… but here’s the thing, you need to know WHAT THAT IS when you set out to write it.

… Now I am not saying that you must know exactly where you are going with your blog. The blogging process can be evolutionary. You can grow, change and shift while you write. But, you do need to have a strong sense of what you are trying to do “through” your blog – … because if you don’t know. Nobody will know… and then, seriously, who is gonna read it?

Having a purpose and clear niche’ is very important when it comes to getting people to actually read the blogs that you write. But there are also so things that I have found that REALLY help drive traffic to your content and assure that your blog writing efforts don’t go unappreciated.

πŸ‘‰ one topic per blog, try to avoid shoving many ideas in there
πŸ‘‰ tutorials, instructions, and step by steps are always going to be more popular
πŸ‘‰ casual narrative ( nobody likes a stuffy blog writer )
πŸ‘‰ evergreen content ( write about things that will always matter, to whoever is reading )
πŸ‘‰ bullet points, lists, and anything to break up the content and make it more inviting
πŸ‘‰ the balance of personal antidotes and self-reflection, with actual usefulness and “value”

❌ do not just share your blog one time and call it a day
❌ writing is taskΒ #1 – “networking” is taskΒ #2
❌ blogs are about community building READ OTHER BLOGS and people will read yours
❌ use all social channels
❌ share with different titles and descriptions to catch reads
❌ ask people to read your blog and tell you what they think ( plain and simple! )
❌ pin your blogs
❌ you CAN boost your blogs on FB… ( that may help )
❌ re-share relevant blogs ( don’t always have to be producing new )
❌ quality over quantity

Other blog pointers

βœ”οΈ If you are blogging for commercial reasons, learn the basics of SEO
βœ”οΈ Blogs these days are multi-media, video and images certainly will help make your blog stand out
βœ”οΈ Write for people not for search engines
βœ”οΈ Guest write and exchange posts for increase visibility and backlinks
βœ”οΈ Contribute articles to online publication to increase traffic to your blog
βœ”οΈ Work from a blog plan or blog schedule: think quality over quantity

Okay, that’s the best tips I have for new bloggers today! If you follow these, you’ll certainly have a leg up. Of course, the most common sense thing I can say about blogging is to STICK WITH IT. Consistency is key. You cannot just blog one time, get sad when nobody reads it and abandon it all together. If you want to enjoy the perks you got to do the works!

Cheers! 🍻

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