A very common mistake I see when people write blogs for their business is that they treat it too much like a journal and not enough like a piece of commercial content.

I know, I know – you’ve got thoughts, and you’ve got feelings and you want to put those down – and hopefully, somebody will read them and experience “all the feels” because of what you have said!

Actually, I really do GET IT. I would consider myself a creative content writer first and a commercial content writer second. That said, if I know one thing for sure – IF you want your website content to drive traffic then you NEED to be providing substantial value in your blogs. You have to be teaching. You cannot take the “dear diary” approach to a commercial blog.

Now, as with all things, there are always exceptions. If you have an audience already, the odd personal update or “musing” post isn’t going to hurt. However, what I have come to know is that the content that flies – and attracts NEW PEOPLE – is the good stuff. We are talking, instructions, tutorials, step by steps, how to dos, what to do –

“Informative content”

That’s what you need to be producing. You know things that other people want to know. Type it up, put it up there. Increase your credibility by sharing your knowledge!

I don’t know if you guys have snatched it up yet but as part of The Ultimate Blog Challenge, I also dropped a helpful guide for commercial blog writing that included a modified template.

If you are new to commercial blog writing you can use this template to assure that you are delivering value in all of your blog writing!



More Advice For Commercial Blog Writing

👉 If you want to share anecdotes or stories from your life, make sure that you share valuable information or a lesson at the end. Know that people want to learn from you. Use your experiences as evidence of how you know what you know when explaining concepts.

👉 Personable, not technical – the very nature of a blog versus a formal article is that it is causal and written in a relaxed tone. Don’t be afraid to put some personality into it. Remember: many people may share the same knowledge, but nobody else will share it in the same way as you!

👉 Try different structuring. Switch it up, you guys! Not every post should be a long rambling narrative. Write step by step tutorials, point for tips, … fricken poems if you want. Do different things to attract repeat readers. Keep it fresh if you want people to come back for more.

👉 Refer to other writing and blog posts in your writing. If you mention something that you have written about before include a link and reference that old blog post. Building links within your site are useful for keeping people there longer.

👉 Know the difference between “fluff” and value. Your blog content ( for commercial purposes ) isn’t for you. It should be about offering something to your audience. This is why you need to bring the value. Don’t just shove fluff and inspo in there – give some real insight and information. Thats how you build loyalty and get people to actually want to hire you from the content that you write!

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