How Guest Blogging Can Help You Become More Visible Online

We’ve been kinda on a blogging streak here at #i2u. This is because with The Ultimate Blogging Challenge being well under way, I really want to help people get their blogs off the ground and start making some traction.

On that note, I’ve decided to cover the topic of guest blogging and explain why guest blogging ( and guest article contribution ) should be a huge part of your overall visibility strategy.

The two reasons why you should guest write

­čĹë Reason #1: Pure and sweet SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )┬á

One of the basic principles of SEO and increasing your site’s organic ranking is high-quality link building.

To keep it simple, when you have other sites referencing your site as a resource of information, it increases the “validity” of your site with the search engine crawlers.
What this leads to is a faster climb to the top of your target keywords and phrases. The more of an authority site, the site linking to your website is, the more influence it has on the creditability of your website.

For this reason alone, this is why you want to be guest writing for other people and exchanging content. It is smart to negotiate with other bloggers “a post for a post” deal and write on each other’s websites so that each of you can benefit.

This is also a good argument in favor of publishing content off-site on websites like LinkedIn and Medium.

Another thing you should also very seriously consider is applying for guest writing opportunities on the extremely authoritative sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, etc.
Links from those websites to your website will dramatically increase how your website does in the organic SEO department. Additionally, it will also give you the much-needed visibility to grow your platform and establish yourself as an expert.

­čĹëReason #2: Visibility plain and simple

The whole purpose of this community is to help one another go from Invisible to Unstoppable! And trust me, if you work together with your blogging community you will be able to do this much faster than you ever possibly could alone.

If you contribute guest blogs to another person’s website, who is in your industry or whose niche’ compliments yours you will be able to tap into their network! Chances are if people like their blog content they will also like yours and you will be able to pull people over and grow your own audience.

You can also extend this favor. Allowing other people with complimenting skill sets to write on your blog and help them grow!

We are all in this together!!

Now, I am not a very fluffy person but I do believe in the philosophy that we should take others with us on our way up! Presenting opportunities to others and not getting greedy about the small audience that we have built. Collaboration actually breeds growth and benefits both parties. There is nothing worse than someone who won’t endorse another blogger for fear they will steal people away from them

Other things about guest blogging that you need to know:

  • Always get your backlink and by line┬áTo make guest writing worth your while ( it is unlikely you will be paid ) make sure that you negotiate for your backlink and your byline. This means that you get full credit ( hopefully with a mini bio ) for your writing ( not a ghost contribution ) AND that they create a direct hyperlink to your website or blog from the blog that you have posted.
  • Co Promote┬áBy now you guys understand that creating the content itself is just the first step. The second step is always content networking. With a guest, blogging opportunity makes a plan to co promote and make sure the other person knows how to tag you properly and shares your post more than once on their platforms. If they aren’t knowledgeable about this TEACH THEM. There is never any harm in extending this type of knowledge to a fellow blogger.
  • ┬áDiversify┬áAs much as we here in the #i2u community advocate for helping each other out, not everyone will feel this way. If you are trying to collaborate with people who are essentially your competitors, you may be met with some resistance. However, if you go after guest writing opportunities with people who are in complementary spaces, but whose interests do not overlap with yours, chances are you’ll get a lot more yeses.Don’t be afraid to try and step out of your comfort zone. There are many things that you can speak to ( not just what you do and sell ) – pitch blog concepts and ideas that relate to other topics that you are interested into blogs who may be in need of content! For example, you may be a web designer and a work from home mom, pitch to a mommy blog about what it is like working online and being a web designer.Mommy blogging is not your exact niche’ but there are likely people in that audience who you can win over with your awesomeness and who knows, they may even be looking for a designer!

Alright, I hope that this has clarified what guest blogging is and how it can benefit you and help you grow.

I now challenge the #i2u Ultimate Blog Participants to connect with someone in the member directory and exchange posts as an additional challenge.

Guest contributing is certainly beneficial at every stage of your online career and it WILL increase your visibility.
Now tell me, who is ready to collab?

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