Alright, so this one goes out to all of you cool #i2u members who are just zipping through your Ultimate Blog Challenge Posts. – I’ve mentioned this before. Blog writing itself is just the first step to visibility and content production. CONTENT NETWORKING is really where it is at.

Content networking is the often forgotten, often underutilized key to growing a successful blog and presence on the internet.

Content networking is about taking the brilliant blog post that you slaved over and networking it in the right places in order to drive traffic to it.

Content networking is an ongoing task. In the case of blogging, YOU DO NOT, just share it once and say “there that’s a done deal”

For the most part, we all ( yes I included ) should be investing more time in the content networking process and less in content production mode. In order to help you do this I have included a list of 25 things that you can do ( and should do ) to network your blog content!

25 things to do BEFORE you write another blog post:

  1. Share it on FB letting your audience know that this is your latest blog post! Huzzah
  2. Share it in some relevant FB groups and blogging groups ( if allowed ) and let me know that you’ve written something awesome!

    Note: the trick is to be very specific about what the blog itself is about when you post, don’t waste people’s time!
    Here is a sharing 3 sentence template you can rip off
    Sentence 1: Say what it is

    Sentence 2: Say why you’ve shared it

    Sentence 3: Invite them to tell you what they think about it

    I PROMISE, follow this you’ll get 10Xs more interest on your blog post links when you share them on FB

  3. Share them on your FB Biz Page – If you are really srs about getting traffic, boost to your audience + friends or alternatively target new interest groups for like $5-$10 for 7 days. SRSLY! Do it.
    * paying to promote your content is just SMART if you know your targets + if you pay to share your content, you’ll be more enticed to go the route quality not quantity!
  4. Go LIVE on FB and talk about the content in your blog post! Include a link to the post. Describe what the blog post is about. Get people pumped to read it.
  5. Now, go back to FB – grab the “Embed” code for that Live Broadcast you did – and go stick that into your blog post so that there is a video accompanying it

  6.  ADDITIONALLY, go grab the HD or SD download of that video and upload it to Youtube – Write a description for the video and include a link to the original post.
  7. NOW GET THE FUDGE OFF FACEBOOK ( i know ) And hit up your LinkedIn… drop a link there. Be “professional” when you share it. Let people know what knowledge is the post that will benefit them
  8. ALSO while on LINKEDIN add your blog post as part of your profile links.

  9. Hop out of LINKEDIN and over to Pinterest – PIN THE THANG. Maybe even going into a photo editor and make a nice Lil’ title page for it so that it looks inviting.
  10. Since you are already on Pinterest – creating a topical board give it a title that describes your blogs and their content example: social media marketing tips blog – POST your blog in there… and any future blogs
  11. Go into HootSuite ( if you have it ) schedule a share of your blog with different tweets over the next few days a few times a day. Don’t be spammy, but use hashtags that are relevant! If you don’t have a tweet scheduler to use, you’ll have to tweet your blog manually –
  12. Go to Stumbleupon and post a URL to your blog post
  13. Go to Tumblr ( create an account if you don’t have one ) – post a link to your blog there with a description
  14. Go on Google+ ( i know who uses Google+ right ) but seriously SHARE your blog there –
  15. Go to your email list ( if you have one ) and write an email to your audience about your blog and send your blog to them in email about your latest blog
  16. Go on INSTAGRAM – make your profile URL a link to your blog post – post a relevant image with a caption inviting people to ( click link in profile ) to read the full blog post

    Advanced Blog Sharing

  17.  Process: Google the main keywords in your blog post or that relate to your keywords with “blog” at the end – go read and comment on the first 10 blog posts that someone else has written on that topic – let them know that you have also written a blog on the topic. Don’t spam with a link, but do make sure you include your website URL – ( most of the time you’ll be prompt to do this ) – BE SINCERE in your comments if you really want to connect with this fellow blogger. – You can obviously do this on more than 10 blogs…. but make that your minimum… *commenting on other people’s blog, does drive traffic! – try it before you smash it!
  18. Go on – consider writing another blog post with similar information or a summary of the valuable content in your current blog with a URL to your personal blog at the end. Make sure your Medium post is high quality on its own but also promotes the content in your blog.
  19. Contact one or two people in your network and ask if they will share your blog with you with their network on their social media
  20. Create a Quora account and post your blog in there with a question that relates to it – and the link to the post
  21. Post your blog on Reddit in a related subreddit, or a blogging Reddit and ask for feedback
  22. Post your blog on


  23.  Message someone with a blog or online publication share a link to your blog post and “pitch” a guest blog for their platform on similar content in exchange for a link to your blog
  24.  Include your blog in your online portfolio on Freelance websites as a writing sample
  25.  Reach out to a podcaster or online personality and ask them to feature you so that you can talk about the content of your blog post.

Q: Should I do this for ALL of my blog content?

Okay guys, short response. No. You don’t “have” to do this for every blog that you post!

Long response, however – steps 1-16 should be standard for any blog that you publish before you go ahead and write another post. Steps 1-25 should be done EVERY time you post any important content with substantial value.

My advice, use this as a checklist – and try to focus on doing at least some of these steps when you write new blogs!

This will help you increase traffic both long and short term and allow your blog audience to grow!


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