Alright you guys, so I am not sure if you saw it but, along with the Ultimate Blog Challenge I also dropped this little 👉  “Introduction to Blogging Guide”

If you snatch that up ( no Opt-In ) it will break down some of the basics of blogging for beginners. I have also included a template that I hope is easy to follow, explaining how to outline and write a blog.

Full disclosure this is a modified template of the one that I used to use when I wrote commercial blogs on all sorts of topics. If you follow the steps, you should be able to write coherently, high-value content about nearly anything. Also, if you are trying to follow a more narrative style it isn’t really formatted for that but if you are brand new to marketing blog writing, this will definitely help you understand what you are doing.

On that note, I want to share some pointers on using this template so that if you are trying to start populating your website with content you can have a bit of a guide to follow. Here we go:

What should your blog post be about?

✔️ If you are blogging for the purpose of “adding value content” to your website and increasing where you rank on organic S.E.O then OBVIOUSLY your blog should be on topic to your niche or industry! ( based on what you sell from your website )

✔️ I’ll do a full tutorial on this BUT if you are brand new to blogging for business purposes, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to research possible keywords and phrases that relate to your industry. 👉 ( you’ll need a Gmail and an AdWords account but you can use this tool for free )

✔️ Each blog post should be on ONE TOPIC that relates to what you do ( don’t try to cram too many ideas into one post ) ~ Try to anticipate what people may be searching that relates to what you sell.

How should your blog sound?

  • People tend to read blogs for one of two reasons: entertainment or research. So, the tone of a blog should be personable and not boring.
  • There should be substantial value in your blog post ask yourself: “does this have value whether the person buys from you or not?”
  • On that note: don’t sell on your blog. It is tacky. Nobody wants to read that!

Once you have the outline how do you fill it out?

Alright, so many people can figure out the outline but YOU DO need to have a basic grasp of the English language to work it into something readable.

However, here is what I suggest for non-writers. Be really diligent in your outline and then just piece together sentences to make the content flow.

Don’t be afraid to take liberties and use point form if you have to.

Try not to overthink it and worry about language. Make sure the information is coherent. Many people don’t write because they worry about their writing quality.

😎 Bonus tip: Install grammarly

Alright – hope this helps some of you utilize the blogging template that I put together for you. If you do have questions about this, do not hesitate to ask in the #i2u Facebook Community!


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