How to Write Blogs That Actually Do What You Need Em’ To!

Alright, beautiful humans, we are well into the #i2u Ultimate Blog Writing Challenge and I feel that a lot of people are pulling back and dropping off around the 3rd or 4th blog. Heck, I owe you a 4th blog post myself – but as I explained, I am pacing myself on the posts as I will be running this challenge for a whole year.

Anyways, when I hear that people are feeling insecure about what they are righting I am like whaaaaat? – I have to be honest with you. Writing is a lot like our own reflection. Most people don’t like the way that they look in the mirror and can immediately¬†pick out all of their flaws. Writing is very much the same, you will probably never love what you wrote – or feel like it is 100% perfect. However, other people don’t notice these flaws ( just like they don’t notice the ones on your face ) – For this reason, specifically for beginner level writers, a lot of the exercise is just about DOING THE WRITING. Working your way through the prompts and putting the content out there.

That said, if the purpose is to create the posts as commercial content to promote your product or service online then there are some ways that you can make sure that you are actually doing this. Today I am sharing 10 questions to ask when you post that will help to assure that your content is actually going to serve you.

10 Questions To Ask Before You Post Your Blog?

1. Does this provide value to the person reading even if they do not buy from me?

2. Is there actual tangible information in this content that someone could apply to their own life?

3. Have I offered “true value” with very specific concepts and ideas shared?

4. Is this relevant to someone who has no clue who I am?

5. Does this strike curiosity to learn more?

6. Could I share this with a complete stranger and they would find value in it?

7. Is there one clear idea or concept covered in this piece of writing?

8. Did I use relevant keywords and keyword phrases?

9. Have I written this in an inviting and personable way?

10. Does this inspire some action?

Seriously, before you click publish or post, ask these questions and think about the content that you have written. Try to be objective and make improvements to assure that you have hit on all 10. If you do this consistently then you can feel comfortable knowing that your content is valuable and will benefit you. If you are doubtful, then go back and rework it until you feel certain you have created this powerful type of posting.

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