Do you know the difference between a stagnant website and a dynamic content powered website?


A stagnant website is like a glorified business card – it just sits there, generates minimal traffic and isn’t changed or updated very often.
The problem with a stagnant business website is that it isn’t usually generating leads or doing much more than just taking up the virtual real estate.
Even if your stagnant website has a great sales funnel built into it meant to generate you new leads, it cannot possibly do this if you are not actively driving traffic to it.
Also, stagnant websites are very unlike to attract repeat visitors because they don’t have new content being published on them.

Content Powered:

Content powered websites are commercial business websites that are designed specifically with “content marketing” and content publication in mind.
They are updated frequently and the web master ( or YOU ) is actively working to generate traffic to the website by networking the content.
The most typical type of content powered sites that we see is obviously blogs.
Essentially the way that commercial blogging works is that it allows you to produce content regularly on your website, a network that content and then drive traffic to the website with the goal of capturing people into your funnel!

In our last tip, we talked about the benefits of blogging about your business and what this actually does for you.

When you are planning your new website you should think about what you want and know the difference between something that is stagnant and something that is designed for content publication!

How often does my website need new content?

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should be publishing new content on your business website. However, quality over quantity is a good value to have.

It is also wise to think about ways to repurpose your existing content and promote it fully before you produce something new.

If you struggle with a content creation discipline you can put together a content publication calendar that will assure that you produce new content for your website on a consistent schedule but also make sure that your content plan isn’t too demanding to keep up with!

As usual good luck, and happy blogging!




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