A FB Post should have 3 qualities:

 Invitation to engage

Here is a 3 Sentence posting template you can use:

Sentence 1
” Get their attention “
Sentence 2
” Offer value “
Sentence 3
” Invite to engage “

For sharing a link or another FB Post follow this

Sentence 1
” Say what it is “
Sentence 2
” Say something about it/explain it’s relevance “
Sentence 3
” Invite them to engage “

Example 1:
” Ever wonder why nobody ever comments on your Facebook posts?

The secret to getting more engagement is ASKING for more engagement! Make sure that you make your posts interactive! Ask questions, play games, invite conversation.

Who here will be trying this? Tell me in the comments”

Example 2:

” Check out this article from TechCrunch about Facebook’s new algorithm changes.
Facebook is going to be giving users the option to “choose” what topics to subscribe to! Finally.
What do you think about this change to Facebook? What topics would you subscribe to if you could? “


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