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Brandie Peters, i2U Community Leader

I am the founder of the From Invisible to Unstoppable Community and the creator of this website.

In 2012 I started working online full time as a freelance content writer. I now work as a strategist, helping passion-led business owners develop their online marketing strategy.

I decided to start From Invisible to Unstoppable as a side project so that I could experiment with crowdfunding. I2U started out as a Facebook group and has now expanded to this website. We currently have over 500 awesome members.

Rebecca Nicholls

I AM Rebecca Nicholls. I guess what I do in a nutshell. It’s drinking a shit load of Tea, curse at my tarot cards, put essential oils everywhere, stare at the moon, full in love with sunsets, write love letters to my fans on my website and if you kinda fancy me ( who wouldn’t) I call you out on your limiting beliefs and get you Aligned ( as fuck) That means I get your chakras open and active so you can have abundance and truly step into your potential whilst on this big beautiful planet

( You deserve it)

PS I drop f bombs, don’t believe in bras and occasionally leave my legs hairy

You can find out me on my where I share my world.

Reshani Reginald

I am a huge nerd and love technology so the obvious next step was to create a monthly subscription box for tech lovers. We search the internet to find new and exciting products and deliver 4-5 items to your door every month. Website is www.tekcrates.com and the Facebook Page is www.facebook.com/tekcrates

Jody Aberdeen

My name’s Jody. I’m a Canadian-based author and book ghostwriter, always on the lookout for remarkable stories from extraordinary people who want to have a book in their name, but who don’t have the time, talent, or patience to write it themselves.

My genres are personal development, entrepreneurship, and biography, and very recently, real-life stories of the paranormal and the inexplicable.

What makes me different? I like writing books that sound like people. I’ll take your authentic voice – the real “authentic”, not the buzzword – and re-create it in words on the page that look like you wrote them.

You can get a sample of my pricing, writing style, current interests and availability, and other goodies at my website/blog.

Dean Hopkins

Hi, I am Dean Hopkins a Commercial Interior Designer and Multi-Artist…My blog “The Art of Being a Creative Entrepreneur” is about causing positive change by encouraging people to be more creative in an Entrepreneurial way, make a living from their Art and bringing alternative and conscious ideas to the Business space. http://djhopkins.net/

Allison Koenig-Ford

My name is Allison Koenig-Ford. I am a Professional Speaker and Yoga Instructor. I am one-half of an online studio called Yogi Mom Rebellion Studio–where we practice and parent with courage. I offer private yoga/healing sessions–both online and in my home studio. And if you know a Yogi struggling to make ends meat, I am launching an eBook about The Business of Yoga, which takes you step-by-step through the process of making money inside and outside of the studio, on your terms! I live and love yoga, but I also value living on my own financial terms, living and giving at the level I choose. If you are curious about yoga, or if you need ways to incorporate mindfulness into your parenting and partner game, I’m your girl! www.Allisonkford.com

Mardene Carr

My name is Mardene Carr and I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I am the founder of Concierge Librarian, Fashionable Librarian and Research Helper. I am co-owner of a music production company called IslandYard Productions. I offer research, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, image consulting, and training services. You can find me at my main blog http://conciergelibrarian.com

Raymond Camper

https://rcamper.tumblr.com/. I’m currently writing about my journey of getting my first book published and the unexpected things that go into self-promotion and business end of writing as I learn about them!

Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey

My name is Jannie Mitzeiko Harvey, owner of Read it to me. I help overwhelmed authors with their day to day tasks so they can find time to write their next best seller! My services range from social media management, email and newsletter management, simple graphics and beta-reading. Time is of the essence so let’s chat soon! You can learn about my services, pricing and contact information at my website.

Alison Smith

My positive parenting tools are game-changing. However, my greatest strength is my ability to quickly identify underlying drivers of unhelpful behaviors and guide clients to effective solutions.

My coaching builds skills in parents by developing strategies and techniques to resolve current challenges. The developed skills allow clients to sustain success; so they may address future challenges with confidence. http://alisonsmithcoaching.com/

Yathiraj Agarwal

My name is Yathiraj Agarwal, but I am popularly known as “Profit Engineer” due to my ability to help Startups and Entrepreneurs to become More Profitable by Increasing their Sales and Improving their Profitability. 

I am an International Sales Trainer and a Business Coach. Training is my Passion, Devotion as well as Profession. 

Been in Sales for 50 years (started selling when I was 10 or 11 years old). Started my own business 35 years back and Sales Training 24 years ago. However, I still consider myself as a student. 

Trained 200,000 people in India and abroad. My Goal is to make a Positive Difference to 10000+ people this year. I love to travel, not so much for fun or sightseeing, but to meet people from different countries in their environment and learn from them. http://www.yatraining.com/

Nikki MacDonald

Hi, friends! My name is Nikki, and I’m very pleased to meet you!

I am a freelance editor living, loving, and working in Hamilton, ON. And my jam is helping you to make your lit baby (or article or blog post or letter to your grandma) all that it can be. 

The way I make that happen for you is by offering proofreading and editing services. I’ve worked projects in the literary fiction, self-help, personal development, business, and children’s genres. I’d love to help you and your project come to life!

You can find more information about my services and prices and why I like pigeons so much at my website:

Roshan Samuel Ambler

Hi all, I’m a Entry-level Digital Marketer & Freelancer with 3+ yrs expertise in SEO, expn in SMO, SMM, EDMs, Wiki. Founder n blogger in chief at SEO Information Technology

Cythnia Schomp

Cynthia Schomp The Web Presence Boss. I help you create an online presence & website where you to connect with (and grow) your community on a personal level that doesn’t feel like selling even though it drives multiple income streams. We also turn your business spending into earning. www.cynthiaschomp.com

Drema Dial

I’m Drema, a psychologist and life coach who helps people transform their dreams into reality. It’s all about how you think because if you think you can, you will! People who work with me find they finally can create a life they love. You’ll find me at www.dremadial.com 

Erin Machado

Hi! I’m Erin, and my husband Nick and I teach music. Both of us have been teaching for over 10 years, and we love what we do!
I teach piano lessons, violin lessons, and songwriting. Nick teaches piano, guitar, and bass guitar. We both teach music theory, band classes, and more.
We cater our lessons to each student’s interest and individual learning style.
Lessons are done one-on-one at our studio, in student homes locally (Vancouver, WA, USA), and online over Skype. http://musicquest.org

Monica Cameron

I’m Monica Cameron serial entrepreneur and full-time Salon Operator in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Canada.
A proud momma to Two boys and another bean on the way… I live for laughs and totally dig random acts of awesomeness. 
I’m stoked to learn something new every day and I’m excited to serve you all with encouragement and support in whatever way I can. 

You’ll find me posted up at www.facebook.com/bombshellbronzed

Angela Dawn

I am building a community of women to support, empower, inspire, and motivate in making positive changes throughout their lives. I’m not a coach – more like a best friend that provides honest feedback and answers, resources and information on the healing process from the past. Website: www.asfreeasyousee.com
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/asfreeasyousee/

Melinda Tekleab

My name is Melinda and I’m 30 years old. I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada with my husband and three children. We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and I delivered our third child on June 8th. They are half French Canadian and half Eritrean. I understand and can speak some words and phrases in Amharic, Tigrinya, and Korean, and no I don’t speak French even though I’m French. I go to church every Sunday. I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. I’m a stay at home parent and aspiring entrepreneur. My friend who’s an esthetician introduced me to these safer, high performing personal care products by Beautycounter and I instantly fell in love and switched my whole family to toxic free hygiene for just over a year now. Our two main goals are to educate about the incredible mission “to get safer products into the hands of everyone,” and advocate for more health protective laws in an unregulated beauty industry. 
You can see all products here:

Kathleen Nightingale

Hi, I’m Kathleen Nightingale, creator of the Mustang Mindset. I’m an intuitive life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. I help women who are ‘professional’ worriers get the confidence to create dream lives and ditch the worry for good, so they can break through to an abundant life that works on every level. 

Muir De Guzman Chavez

Muir Chavez Better know as Your Tough Mother Luver. Helping sprouting entrepreneurs with clarity and strategies. Providing the tools, inspiration and tough love needed to create your own success!
muirchavez.com (still work in progress)

Starr Sheppard-Decker

Starr Sheppard-Decker is a coach, speaker, singer, and spiritual leader committed to supporting, connecting, and inspiring Coaches & Healers. Founder of Radical Revelations and Coaches & Healers Connect Facebook Group, Starr is available for guest blogs, speaking gigs, and classes for your group of Coaches & Healers. http://radicalrevelations.com/

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