Hey, guys, so I have noticed a lot of people dropping off of the #I2u Blog Challenge – so today I want to write a refresher on the long term benefits of blogging in order to promote your business.

On the surface there are some obvious, fundamental benefits to blogging about what you do or sell:

👉 It increases awareness
👉 Establishes you as an expert
👉 Explains what you do or sell
👉 Provides additional insight into your business workings
👉 Give you content of value to share and promote
👉 Allows you to connect with your ideal customer
👉 Helps to build your online presence

These good reasons alone should be argument enough to do the whole blog thing! But, for many busy business people, blogging often falls to the wayside. Typically because despite these benefits blogging doesn’t give them the instant gratification that they need to justify it. This tends to be especially true for traditionally minded business people with more conventional attitudes about marketing. They are mostly used to the whole “Do A get B” meaning, they post an advertisement and generate a customer. However, most marketing systems ( not just content marketing ) DO NOT actually work this way – despite what you may believe. Most marketing is about building a relationship, establishing a sense of trust – before a sale is made. This is more or less what blogging is about – relationship building with your audience. That said, if you aren’t sure how to do it – or are concerned about the time-consuming aspect of writing blogs well, without any immediate justification blogging long-term can be hard to justify.

This is sort of ironic, however, because most of the time the reason why a blogging strategy doesn’t work is that the author of the blog is not consistent. That’s the big problem. In order to benefit you have to write blogs and publish new content long-term. And your content, it should become more valuable with time. It is really a “do now” reap the benefits later sort of situation. Unfortunately, this reality is also what makes people drop off or stray away from their blog. It doesn’t do for them IMMEDIATELY anything and therefore they give up on it before it has the chance to do anything.

Upon reflection of this – we also have to remember that even when it seems like your blog is doing nothing – it is actually doing things behind the scenes for you that are beneficial to your business growth.

👉 Increasing your organic search engine ranking on related keywords
👉 Generating traffic to your business website
👉 Giving visitors to your website something to chew on
👉 Again, establishing you as an expert in your industry / niche
👉 Acting as a virtual placeholder for your business on the web.

Despite these facts, many will give up blogging in only a short while – again because they are not IMMEDIATELY getting anything back from it – and have not aligned themselves with a clear strategy or goals to help them justify WHY they should continue with blogging.

If this sounds like you ( You are thinking of giving up ) then here are some things you can do NOW to help you stay encouraged and stick with it, because yes – blogging with gratification, may feel like a chore ( I get it! )

▪️ Make sure that you are tracking your traffic on your website and looking at the increases in traffic when you publish new content and promote it

▪️ Also look at the behavior map so that you can see where people are going on your website when they read your blog

▪️ Pay close attention to the “time spent on your website” set a goal for how long you want people to be engaged

▪️ Include a subscription option or blog opt in so you can send your blog posts to website visitors – and help bring em back ( audience nurturing )

▪️ Include a CTA with your posts to encourage people to contact you for services after reading a blog to improve the likelihood that reading your blog will lead to hiring you

▪️ Be sure to do some basic keyword research and make sure that you are optimizing your content to hit on the keywords that you want your website to rank on

▪️ Don’t undervalue the importance of content networking once you have published a post (promote and recycle your best content regularly )

▪️ Make “writing rules” for yourself ( and follow a posting schedule ) to establish a good writer’s discipline

▪️ Participate in blogging communities for instant feedback and encouragement + possible traffic and guest blogging opportunities

▪️ Think quality content over quantity, write sparingly and write well – when you do produce blogs ( less is often more )  – 1 blog a month is completely acceptable. 1 blog a day is not sustainable.

Hopefully, this advice helps those of you who are struggling to keep your blogs going – and have lost perspective on why you started blogging, to begin with. Remember, blogging does and will improve the visibility of your business and can be a good marketing strategy BUT ONLY if you stick with it!

Questions on this are welcome in the #i2u community!
Happy blogging!


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