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Getting Started:

What do you need?

  • A website with blog functionality 
  • Dedicated time for blog writing
  • Internet access ( duh! )
  • Social Media Profiles ( to share your blog posts on )
  • A service or product that you would like to promote using your blog


Need Help Writing Your Blog Posts?


Don’t fancy yourself a writer? That is okay! Anyone can write blog posts with a bit of help! Grab our blog writing guide & template here and simply follow along. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!  





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Challenge Introduction:

Welcome to the #i2u ultimate blogging challenge. The purpose of this challenge is to help aspiring online entreprenuers get started with commercial blogging for the purpose of increasing the visibility of their business.

This blog challenge can be done at any time at your own pace. However, for best results we suggest that you follow a posting schedule of 2 blogs per week for 6 weeks, totalling 12 blog posts or a schedule of 1 blog per week for 12 weeks. 

*Note: for a slower pace you may also try posting 1 blog a month for a year

Throughout the challenge we will also be sharing some of the important things that you need to know if you want your blog to work as marketing for your business. ( Including the basics of Search Engine Optimization ) –

Questions about the blogging challenge should be posted in the From Invisible to Unstoppable community!


#1 Introduce Yourself

This will be the first blog post in the series of 12 blogs.

The purpose of this post is to introduce yourself as an entrepreneur ( or introduce your business ) – Say who you are and what you do!

Tip: Let your audience know that you are starting out on a new journey. Fill them in on the important details that they need to know about your story, where you were before and where you hope to go. Invite them in and set the tone for the entire 12 blog series.

* If you have an existing blog but would still like to do the challenge, then let your readers know that you will be participating in a 12 post blogging challenge and that this is the first one in the series.  It is that easy!

By Brandie Peters

By Daniela 

By Amanda

#2 Why Have You Decided to Start Blogging?

This is the post where you tell your audience why you have decided to start a blog and what you are hoping that blogging will do for yourself and your business. Be clear about your objective and let them know what topics you will be writing about.

Tip: Remember, you don’t want to over explain how this blog will be useful to you – INSTEAD let them know how your blog will be useful TO THEM – What sort of things you will be writing about and what type of person your blog may help?

By Brandie Peters

By Daniela LaFave:

By Jody Aberdeen:

#3 Establish a vision

The reason for sharing your goals is to help create a vision for the future – tell your readers what you hope to accomplish personally ( or with your business in the next 10 years ) – share your reason for pursing this passion. Invite them in.

Tip: When you are writing this post, speak to your audience and let them know what value they will gain if they decide to follow your journey. Make it clear what type of information and content you will be sharing with them if they stick around. 

By Brandie Peters:

By Jody Aberdeen:

By Daniela LaFave:

Understanding How A Blog Can Help You Market Your Business

Blogging can be a fun way to express yourself and share ideas.

However, beyond just being a journal or diary, blogs are actually powerful commercial marketing tools.

The way that blogging for business works is that it turns your website into a resource of information.

When you blog about what you do for a living it helps to populate your website with keywords, improving your organic S.E.O ( search engine optimization ) ranking.

Blogging also allows you to drive traffic to your website and increases the likelihood that someone will share your business website on social media.

Additionally, when you write from the heart ( and include some personality ) your blog allows you to connect with people and grow an audience and win people over.

#4 Fill ‘Em In

In this blog you want to fill people in on the things that they may not know about you ( or your business ) – Think of this as a fun oppurtunity to open up and share a bit of behind the scenes information while establishing your voice and personality.

Tip: Try to relate this post to what you offer ( or sell) use fun facts or an antidote from your life to add context and a “why” to what you do.

#5 Where does your passion come from?

Now share your “mission” and describe what you are most passionate about. After all, nobody does anything for no reason – it is time to let your audience know what makes you tick.

Tip: This is NOT a sales pitch.
Try to talk about your passion honestly without being too selly. Not sure what to write, tell a story about discovering your passion and the momment you know that THIS was what you wanted to do.

#6 Share your philosphy or “motto”

Is there a single core princple or philosphy that defines you ( or your business ) ???- This is where you want to share it. Try to include 3 evidence points from your life or brand culture that serve as evidence of this philosphy. If there is a story or an antidote that relates write that!

Tip:  Again – this is NOT your sales pitch. Instead, write a blog that tells people what you are all about in a way that is personable and fun to read. 

Keep in mind that the goal is to provide value for the reader – not self-promote.

An Introduction to S.E.O

If you are new to this whole online marketing thing “search engine optimization” can be pretty intimidating.

Many people mistakenly believe that S.E.O is very technical, but the truth is – what S.E.O is REALLY about is connecting internet users with the most relevant search results based on their inquiries.

Google ( and the other search engines ) goal IS NOT to advertise for commercial businesses unless they are paying them.

What they want to do is provide accurate, informative, high-quality information to their users.

Knowing this the secret to being GREAT at S.E.O is to understand what makes content “high quality” –

Although all the details of the search engine algorithm aren’t known to us, we do know that –

Websites with regular daily traffic

Plenty of backlinks and social shares

That host informative content

Include relevant keyword phrases

Have good internal link structuring

With well-written copy 

And that is up to date ( and responsive ) 

Rank well on Google ( and other search engines ) because they are considered valuable resources.

Backlinks ( link from other websites to the website ) confirm that the content on the website is valuable.

Social shares demonstrate that people are interested and engaged by what it says.

When you are first getting started with S.E.O this is ALL you really need to know.

As you become more experienced with search engine optimization, there are more technical things that you can learn that will help you improve the visibility of your website.

#7 Where did you come from?

Building trust with your audience is very important and can help establish your brand! Let people know your background ( or the background of your business ) by sharing your own origin story.

Tip: Who doesn’t love a great story! Try to pinpoint he most exciting and relevant plot points leading up to the grand climax: You, deciding to launch your business!

#8 What makes you unique?

How are you different and what makes you unique? Share how you stand out amongst the crowd and what you want to do differently than anyone else.

Tip: Try not to go the sales route and self promote. Instead, talk about what you do and how you do it differently. Awnser the question: why should THEY choose you?

#9 What are you inspired by?

Now it is time to talk about someone or something  other than yourself. This blog is where you share what influences your brand.

Tip:  Don’t overthink it!

Give credit where credit is due. Are there other entrepreneurs who you look up to? What  about your branding or style who or what inspires that?

 Creating Evergreen Content

The content that you include on your website should work for you, promoting your products and services, when you aren’t working.

When you write content ( like your blog ) for the purpose of increasing your visibility, you want to write posts that will still be valuable and informative in the future, this is called “evergreen” content.

Try to resist the urge to use your blog as a newsletter or a journal about the day to day going-ons. Your social media ( or email marketing )is better suited for this.

Instead for your blog, focus on producing content that you can share multiple times and that will generate traffic to your website long into the future.

Quality over quantity is also a good rule to follow. Write quality content that you can share in many ways – rather than try to mechanically publish A LOT of content in hopes that it will rank you on more keywords.

Always think about your long term strategy. The blogs you write now are laying down the foundation for your future. You want to tell the story of your business and connect with your audience by sharing information about yourself and what you do.

#10 Vital Information or Misconceptions 

You must be getting a hang of this whole blogging thing by now? Use this blog to fill your audience in on the need to know facts about your industry ( and what you do ) – Without being too selly, let them know the facts “what they need to know” before buying from you! There should be no confusion about the benefits of what you offer and how you ( or your business ) is unique.

Tip: “Explain it to me like I am 5 – okay?” – You understand what you do, but your audience may not. Use this as an oppurtunity to make your offering 100% clear. 

#11 Share what you know!

In your life you have likely learned some lessons and in those lessons are all sorts of juice “value-able” pieces of content just waiting to come out! Give “teaching” a shot, by sharing what you would have told yourself 5 years ago.

Tip: This is a GREAT excercise in “sharing value” – reflect back on the most important lesson you have learned and use that as inspiration for this post.

#12 Reflect Back

Every once in awhile on your blog it is a good idea to look back on what you have been writing about! Now that you are at the end of your blogging challenge write a summary post talking about what you have shared and what you have learned about yourself ( and your business ) – let people know what you will be blogging about in the future!

Tip:  Get in the habit of writing your content in series on specific topics and then write posts that reflect back on those posts to build your internal link structure and create a directory of your best content.. 

You’ve Got Blogs, Now What?

Congratulations you have now completed the ultimate blog challenge. Whether you continue blog writing or even if it isn’t your cup of tea, your website now has 12 strong content pieces on it all about you and what you do.

Whether you continue blog writing or even if it isn’t your cup of tea, your website now has 12 strong content pieces on it all about you and what you do. Great job.

You’ve also now written over 6000 words…. pfft, and you said you weren’t a writer.

If you followed our instructions, this content should be valuable and help to connect you, potential customers, regardless of when they read it. ( Now or in the future )

It should also serve as the beginning of your organic S.E.O strategy, helping you rank on relevant keywords that relate to your business.

Going forward, your next course of action should be “content networking” –

Content networking is the process of sharing and promoting your blogs ( and other content ) in the right places so that people can actually read and enjoy what you have written and maybe even become your next customer!

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